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Kate Rees Davis

Born in the UK, Kate moved to LA in 2009 to complete her training as a director at UCLA. She has worked extensively in a variety of productions across the world, both in front and behind the camera. 


Brian Jackson
Executive Producer

A successful entrepreneur from NY, Brian has built and run several businesses in the entertainment industry. He has also had his hands in the music industry providing consulting and financial support for many artists in the music scene.


Lina-Michele Schade

Lina has been working as a development executive for over 10 years at various studios including Wilshire Court Productions,  CBS Paramount, Fremantle Media, MTV & VH1


Julie Nicholson

Julie is an experienced writer, producer and actress. As a recipient of several awards for her work, she is always looking for new ways to develop content for film and TV. 


Steve Romano 
Director of Photography

Hailing from NY, Steve is an accomplished DP.  A recent recipient of the prestigious ECA award, Steve is also a master of underwater photography. 


Taylor Grant 
Co -  Writer

Taylor is an established writer of screen, stage and literature. With fiction featured in several acclaimed books, Taylor has also written projects for network television and major studios.


Lee Broda
Casting Director

Lee began her casting career as an intern for Fern Champion and then went on to assist many different casting directors. She is also an actress. 


Tobie Easton
Casting Assistant

Tobie is a USC grad as well as an actress and writer. She is a regular on the web series Broken at Love and is now working on her first feature film, Knee Socks.


Amanda Nichole
Make Up Artist

A local of LA she specializes in film, theater, glamour, fashion, beauty and minor special effects make-up. 

SPECIAL THANKS to all who donated their time and funds to the film.

Rachel Hansen, Sarah Lynn Dawson, Louis Castillo, Tim Bartell, Emma Pyne, Teresa Noonan, Gemma Kaye, Brad Bucklin, Maria Olsen, Jeni Francisco, Gail Pritkin, Debbie Kingston, E. Jay San-Martin, Amy Ross, Fernando Dos Santos, Wendy Burman, Rakel Sosa, Roy Vongtama, Michelle Pollino, Dalit Berkowitz, Paul DiVito, Brett Baker, Michele Cook, Monique Edwards, Kevin Rieg, Georgina Weiss, Georgina Lax, Belinda Gosbee, Angel Corbin, Angela Tricker, Adelaide Bilo, Adrian Jackson, M.C. Henderson, Linda Warren, Sarah Nahawi, Jennifer Wilson, Freya Tingley, Daniel Mentz, Scarlett Martin, Marilyn Ewing, Linda Pugliese, Satie Gossett, Helene Cardona, Candace Bowen, Teena Puglies, Sabrina Ross, Katrina Herlong, Sasha Carrera, Adi Spektor, Bernadette Tingley, Jodi Campbell, Ana Rial, liam Dunlop, Lizzy Kay, JD Cohen, Valentina Jensen, Alan Garcia, Carolyn Kay, Brian Jackson, Jano Toussounian, Theo Hearst, Ms A R Harrison, Jamie Vergan, Peter  Davies, Nikki Holister, Holly Mosher, Tania Lestal, Ala Mezher, Stephanie Minter, Mark Robert, Susan Williamson, Angela Moats, Jennifer Obed, Robert Braund, jaymie Knight, John Frewin, Glen Branan, Luanga Nuwame, Ashley Pardey, Clinton H Wallace. 

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